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Nature First Peg n Snack Line - Small

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The Peg n Snack Line is an activity and fun zone for your little ones - combining feeding and fun in one!

Hang your little ones' favourite goodies from the line for a tasty munch - plus help them stretch and remain active too. Extra holes in the two towers can also hide yummy stuff.

Sturdy build. Made from natural wood - safe to chew and gnaw (whilst your little ones wait for more tasty treats to be pegged out!)

I would only recommend the small one mostly for guinea pigs. 


  • Small: 34 x 25 x 24cm - sized for guinea pigs or drwaf/ young rabbits
  • Large: 45 x 20 x 33.5cm - great for adult rabbits

Chew Tube - Giant

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Made of thick vegetable parchment with colouring from vegetable dyes, the Rosewood Chew Tube is totally safe if nibbled. The perfect toy for rabbits and other small animals and is ideal for chewing, using as a hay forage device (!), using as a tunnel, and just lovely to have a little nap in! 

Giant is perfect for bunnies & large is perfect to stuff with hay or for guinea pigs.

Giant: 21x30x21cm 

Burgess Excel Sunshine Snacks - 60g

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Limited Edition!

Baked with love, our Excel Sunshine Snacks are irresistible to rabbits and guinea pigs and are naturally healthy too. 

With no added sugar or artificial colours or flavours, Burgess Excel Springtime Forage Snacks are a complementary feed for rabbits and guineas pigs.