Keep your pet's living area protected with this brilliant Johnsons Clean N Safe Spray for Small Animals. Designed to effectively disinfect the areas your pets use, the easy to use spray will kill viruses and bacteria to create a healthy and hygienic environment, whilst it will deodorise the area leaving a clean, fresh fragrance. The spray is suitable to use in hutches, cages, small animal bedding and drinkers making it an incredibly versatile product. As with all cleaners, first test on a small non-visible area to check for any adverse reactions before using on delicate surfaces.


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Polymeric Hexamethylene Diguanide Hydrochloride
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The best pet safe cleaner I’ve seen!

Great quality product, has a really pleasant smell which removes odours. I spray this where the rabbits have had a wee and they stop weeing there so it’s ideal if you’re trying to train you rabbits to wee in a particular area. Cheaper than any others I’ve seen online but still good quality. However, one bottle only lasts me just under two weeks with daily use so I would recommend buying in bulk. Overall, it’s an amazing product!

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