Meet the Family Behind the Screen

If you haven't already met us, we are the team behind the website!

From our fantastic, but sometimes grumpy product testers and models, Shadow (Black bunny), Munchkin (White bunny) and Dusty (Brown bunny). 

Then there is me on the left, Holly, the founder of World of Cuteness. I've always had a spot in my heart for animals and this website is the start of my dreams coming true, so much more to come in the future.

First step! Make sure all small animals have access to being spoiled with a large range of affordable goodies!

We are based in sunny Devon UK

Run by 3 super sassy bun buns and 1 hoomin

Our goal is to be as eco friendly as possible, we even have a second hand section

We try to keep everything as affordable as we can

We think outsite the box with our products and bring you everything our rabbits love

Brand Ambassadors