World of Cuteness Pawtners

A small business based within the UK with an aim to create eco-friendly, organic, healthy small animal teats. 

Animal safety and wellbeing are super important to us as individuals, we noticed there is a lack of transparency within the treat market for bunnies as well as brands who sell treats labelled as safe, but in reality, is not.

We are very conscious of harmful ingredients, treats labelled incorrectly and ones that are damaging to their health, contributing to GI Stasis and gut/digestive issues etc.

Our Chews should make all your furry friends super happy and not be unsafe in the slightest. We use the freshest fruits, vegetables and herbs possible that assist with your rabbit's and guinea pig digestion, have anti-cancer properties, improve fur coat & teeth conditions. Not to mention their overall happiness!

Currently creating chews for all bunnies and guinea pigs both young and old!