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Thinking and Learning Toy Snackbox

Price £9.99
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• With openings for pushing or unfolding

• Easy to fill with snacks, vegetables, fruit, etc.

• Provides occupation and play

• With a rubber nub coating on the back

• Slip-resistant

• Material: Natural wood

Thinking and Learning Toy

Price £12.49
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This puzzle toy by Kerbl is an awesome way to get your rabbits thinking. Simply place treats or other goodies inside the puzzle and watch how they figure out how to lift or push the covers out the way to get to the good stuff!

Nature Feed Tree

Price £9.99
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A fun way to eat treats, veggies and forage! Just push the food into the holes (as seen in image 2) You could even drill extra holes if you like. 

Size: H30cm

Metal Hay Rack

Price £3.49
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This simple hay rack works wonders from Kerbl. Its affordable and has quite nice sized holes for easy access to hay for your bunnies.

Hemp Mat

Price £3.99
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• Made from 100% hemp

• Natural cage liner

• Compostable, completely organic

• Edible and fully digestible

• Absorbent and breathable

• Pest-repellent

• Protects animal paws

Hayrack Nature

Price £19.99
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This free standing Kerbl Hay Rack is really nice to look at as well as being practical giving your bunnies another way for easy access to hay and forage. Made from wood it can also be chewed and gnawed on.

Digging Box

Price £21.99
Availability: 6 In Stock

Perfect natural enrichment for the bunnies. 

• Two handles

• For the rabbits' natural digging instinct

• Easy construction

: 50x39x20cm

Cardboard Scratcher Browse

Price £4.99
Availability: 9 In Stock

A comfy seat as some buns would say or a great snack. These Cardboard Scratchers will satisfy your animals natural scratching and gnawing urges.

Made with renewable resources, this scratcher with its thick corrugated base provides an economical way to help keep your rabbits entertained.

Agility Upright Jump

Price £25.99
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jump height adjustable to 10 cm, 15 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm and 30 cm • jump width: 62 cm • comprises two wooden stands and five plastic bars • adjustable (upright or cross jumps)

Size: 70 x 5 x 35 cm

Agility Rocker

Price £14.99
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Great for small rabbit breeds! A light weight seesaw!

Size: 60x18x12 cm

please note: you will need a screwdriver to assemble this product.