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Treat Log

Price £5.49
Availability: 7 In Stock

Search, scratch and chew! All in one! A unique boredom breaker for rabbits and other small pets. Fill the holes in the logs and the gaps with different treats, vegetables and even pellets. Made from edible corrugated board which is designed to be fun to scratch and chew!

Small Stacking Cups

Price £1.99
Availability: 141 In Stock

These small stacking cups are great for your bunnies to knock over and throw around. You could even hide treats inside for them to find.

Colours will vary. 

Thinking and Learning Toy

Price £12.49
Availability: 3 In Stock

This puzzle toy by Kerbl is an awesome way to get your rabbits thinking. Simply place treats or other goodies inside the puzzle and watch how they figure out how to lift or push the covers out the way to get to the good stuff!

Bone Puzzle

Price £7.49
Availability: 1 In Stock

Kerbl's bone puizzle is a plastic based toy where you can hide treats underneath it, the rabbits can easily lift or knock the green cups out the way to reveal the goodies inside. Excellent way to enrich your animals and get them thinking.

Tornado Puzzle

Price £17.99
Availability: 7 In Stock

This treat puzzle rabbit toy provides fun physical & mental stimulation for your rabbit. 

Spin the bone levels to reveal the treats! Perfect for a smarty pants

Thinking and Learning Toy Snackbox

Price £9.99
Availability: 4 In Stock

• With openings for pushing or unfolding

• Easy to fill with snacks, vegetables, fruit, etc.

• Provides occupation and play

• With a rubber nub coating on the back

• Slip-resistant

• Material: Natural wood