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Floral Hanging Basket

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This Rosewood Floral Hanging Basket will brighten up any small animal cage or rabbit hutch - that is until your pet realises that it can also be used as a chew and toss toy! It is a brilliant, colourful toy made from natural ingredients that your small furry will have great fun chewing away at or tossing around.

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Metal Food Ball

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Perfect for hanging hay or veggies. Hygienic metal wire ball for hay, carrots, fruit etc. Good for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and Gerbils.

Loofa Hoola

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Corn leaf is a great material for small animal toys: it's light (so easy to throw around), fun to nibble and safe in the rain. The new salsa inspired range of toys will brighten up any pet's home and are designed for small animals of all sizes.

Stimulating fun for Rabbits, Hamsters and other Small Animals. Small pets need to be entertained and love to chew, so this hanging loofa hoola is an ideal boredom breaker.

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Fruity Swing Rings

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Bright and breezy bird toy from Classic Pet Products. Ideal for smaller parrots, cockatiels etc. Colourful, fruit themed hanging toy with interlocked sections and bell, this sturdy toy is sure to keep your feathered friends exercised and entertained! 

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Bark 'n' Beak Hanging Chew

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The Bark n Beak Bird Toy by Ruff N Tumble is made from natural, non toxic, wood. Your favourite feathered friend is sure to love playing with this toy, which should keep them endlessly entertained.